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The Long Home Way (MUSICAL)

... a real story about chasing a dream.

  • A British American immigrant born in the 2nd world war battles his ego, let’s down his best friend and walks away from the love of his life, chasing his boyhood dream of stardom, all told using the hit songs of the group - Supertramp.

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KVR Entertainment

KVR Entertainment is a play on words... (we will let that sink in for a moment)

Did you get it?   "Okay, We Are Entertainment"

It also is the birth initials of founder - Kevin Vincent (Romano) Huhn

After acting in a short film and live theatre, doing background work on movies, being a producer and host of his own TV show, radio show and podcasts, Kevin (a musical and live theatre lover) decided it was time to script his creativity through stories for stages and movies around the world.  He met with Stephanie E. Brooks and in a flash knew there was alignment between them.

The team of BROOKS & HUHN was born!

>>> Our Vision is to be a happy influence for people

>>> Our Mission is to create smiles

!!!  Our Why is to entertain and empower you through performing arts  !!!



Kevin Romano - Huhn is the creative mind behind KVR Entertainment.  After chasing his boyhood dream of making it to pro hockey for 37 years, he decided to let out his creativity using scripts and follow his heart to make people smile


  • Playwright: The Long Way Home (Musical)
  • Producer: TV Show, Radio show and podcasts
  • Author:  Hockey-ology;  How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams
  • Writer:  Monthly columnist (Canadian Business Journal)
  • Trainer: Exclusive Program - Make Media Matter!
  • Actor & Host:  Live Theatre; Live TV; Short Film; Background
  • Business Growth Strategist:  PR; Marketing & Branding
  • Civic Recognition Award from the City of Markham in 2012 
  • Development Mastery Certified -  The TheaterMakers Studio 


 Stephanie Brooks is a creative educator, mental health and prevention specialist, and writer.  She is currently finishing her research as a doctoral student at the University of Washington researching the effects of, “Using Theatre as an Educational Platform to Teach Sexual Assault Prevention." 

At the University of Washington, she developed a framework combining prevention education and theatre.  


  • Playwright: RESI The Musical
  • Master’s of Arts in Counseling & Psychology
  • Director: Educational vignettes for the military.
  • Producer: Sexual assault prevention show for the US Army
  • Co-founder of Empowered Voices, LLC
  • Member:  ASCAP; the Dramatist Guild

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For producers, directors, investors and actors inquiring about our scripts, performing arts projects send us a message.  We will get back to you soon!

KVR Entertainment

Markham, Ontario, Canada